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Respect Life Committee

A standing committee of the Pastoral Council which seeks to "Safeguard human life from conception to the grave".  Works with legislative channels, public relations and dissemination of pro-life information.  Annually participates in the January March for Life in Washington, D.C.

The committee also supports -

Gabriel Network

If you are pregnant and in need,
contact us at

Our Lady of Guadalupe
Intercessor of the
  Our Lady of Guadalupe
Intercessor of the Unborn

Please donate to the Shrine of The Little Flower Baby Shower - November 19-December 11, 2022.
Save a Life...Save a Soul"


Archdiocese of Baltimore Respect Life's Holy Innocents Ministry
for Families Who Have Lost Children to Miscarrage

Maryland Catholic Conference (MCC)

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 "Family Prayer

 God made us a family.
 We need one another.
 We love one another.
 We forgive one another.
 We work together.
 We play together.
 We worship together.
 Together we learn God's Word.
 Together we grow in Christ.
 Together we love all people.
 Together we serve our God.
 Together we hope for Heaven.
 These are our hopes.
 Help us obtain them, Father,
 through Jesus your  Son,
 Our Lord.  Amen."

shrine of the little flower respect life committee

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The Gospel Of Life


As far as  the right to life is concerned,
every innocent human being is
absolutely equal to all others.
This equality is the basis of all
authentic social relationships which,
to be truly such, can only be founded
on truth and justice, recognizing
and protecting every man and woman as
a person and not as an object to be used.
Before the moral norm which prohibits
the direct taking of the life of
an innocent human being,
there are no privileges or
exceptions for anyone.
It makes no difference
whether one is the master of
the world or the "poorest
of the poor" on the face of
the earth.  Before the demands
of morality we are all
absolutely equal.

Pope John Paul II
The Gospel of Life, no. 57

Pregnant Need Help?



The members of this church community see in the birth of each baby a fresh expression of God's unfailing love.  We offer immediate and practical help to any woman faced with a crisis pregnancy.



Useful Advocacy Groups

Baltimore, Maryland Archdiocesan Respect Life Committee:

Gabriel Network 1-800-ANGEL-OK:

Life Decisions International:

Maryland Catholic Conference (MCC):

Maryland Catholic Conference (MCC) Catholic Advocacy Network (CAN) Action Center
MCC CAN Sign-Up:

Maryland Right to Life:

Priests for Life:

If you are a Maryland resident contact your local Maryland Representative and/or find out about current Maryland legislation being proposed by following the link below:

Maryland General Assembly:


For Current Respect Life activities please see
 our Weekly Bulletin page.






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