SLF Pew Memorial


The opportunity to remember family and  loved ones who devoted much of their legacy to the “Little
Flower”. Each Pew will have a Bronze/Brass name plate attached at the end of the pew with the name of
the family or loved one. You have option to identify the Pew of your choice, most likely the pew you sat in
on Sunday with your parents or grandparents or perhaps the one you pray in now each Sunday.

       Main Altar Half pew $250 One Name Plate attached to end of Pew
       Main Altar Full Pew $400 Two name plates attached to end of Pew
       Side Altar Half Pew $150 One name Plate attached to end of Pew
Side Altar Full Pew $300 Two name Plates attached to end of Pew

Checks should be made payable to the Shrine of the Little Flower Alumni Association and should include
Name of family or Loved ones as you would like it to appear.

For more information please contact:

  Bob Campbell at 410-933-3666 or email
  Garry Brown at 410-931-2436 or email

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SLF Pew Memorial PDF

Update - August 7, 2017:
75 pews have been selected & 76 remain.






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