The Shrine Of The Little Flower

Mission Statement

  To bring the saving truth of the Catholic Faith to the baptized and the unbaptized,
to the pious and the alienated, to the churched and the unchurched.

GOAL 1: Develop a better understanding of the needs of those in our parish community by conducting a census tailored to the realities of urban and family life.
GOAL 2: Continue to recognize the importance of parish and neighborhood organizations as instruments for lay involvement in the mission of the parish by publicizing and participating in their activities.
GOAL 3: Enhance recognition of the diversity in our parish by conducting special parish-wide services for children, single adults, young families, older persons, the sick, and ethnic groups.  Develop a formal plan to provide spiritual and secular services for the increasing population of elderly persons in our parish.
GOAL 4:  Continue to build on our strengths, especially sacramental life, neighborhood involvement, and service to the poor.
GOAL 5: Strengthen programs that affect all parishioners, such as religious education and liturgy committee.
GOAL 6: Develop a parish program to encourage renewal of faith among non-church going Catholics, particularly in school families, and to encourage ecumenical activities with non-Catholic school families.
GOAL 7: Seek out the unchurched and display our Christian concern and love.  Encourage them to participate and become part of the Catholic community.
GOAL 8: Initiate a healing process with the alienated and help them to confront their problems.  Show them that they are loved and needed for the Greater Glory of God.
GOAL 9: Recognize that all parish activities and the realization of these goals are elements of our evangelization, keeping in mind the message of  St. Theresa to do each small thing as well as we can.


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